Oki is a group of four inhabited and around 180 small uninhabited islands located in the Sea of Japan roughly 50km north of Shimane Peninsula, north-west of the main island Honshu. The four inhabited islands include the large and circular Dōgo (Okinoshima Town), and the three Dōzen Islands: Nishinoshima (Nishinoshima Town), Nakanoshima (Ama Town) and Chiburijima (Chibu Village) which form the Dōzen Caldera. Dōgo Island and the Dōzen Islands are separated by the Oki Strait. The islands can be accessed by air or sea. Travel by sea to the islands is serviced by the Oki Kisen Line. Ferries depart from Sakai-minato Port in Tottori Prefecture, and Shichirui Port in Shimane Prefecture. Both of these ports are a 40 minute bus ride from Matsue Station in Shimane Prefecture. Travel between the Dōzen Islands is serviced by the Oki Dōzen Islands Inter-island Ferry. You can find the timetables for these services at Oki Kisen Website. Note: If travelling to Oki by boat be sure to get off at the right island. Announcements on the ferry are in Japanese and English. Travel by air to the islands is serviced daily by a direct flight to Oki Airport from Osaka Itami Airport and Izumo Airport (Shimane Prefecture). Access to Oki from major cities is outlined below.



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